Bail Bond Information

If you have a friend or family member in jail, it is helpful to know that courts allow for bail bonds to be posted to get them released. You may feel your loved one is being held hostage by the judge or court, but this is not the case. Courts must keep defendants in jail until bail can be paid, because they have a duty to protect the public and find justice in the situation. Once bail bonds in toledo oh have been posted, or bail has been paid in another way, the defendant can be released from jail.

About Bail and Bail Bonds

Bail acts as a kind of insurance for the court that a defendant will return for all their court appearances. For example, if bail is paid using cash, the defendant will want to show up for court every time. If they fail to appear, their money will be forfeited - they will lose it. If bail is paid using a bail bond, and the defendant skips bail, the bail bond is forfeit, any collateral that was provided will be lost, and in some cases, a bounty hunter will be sent to track down, arrest, and return the defendant to face justice. These consequences are a big incentive to defendants to return to court until their case is complete.

Payment Options

Bail bonds are an excellent option for people who are worried they cannot come up with the cash needed to post bail. Bail bondsman only charge a small percentage of the bail cost as a fee, which makes it easier for people to get friends released from jail quickly. And, many bail bond companies provide flexible payment plans, to make the process easier for you. In addtion, many agents accept credit card payments - further making it convenient for people to bail loved ones out of jail.

How to Get a Bail Bond

In order to obtain a bail bond, you'll need some basic information about the person who is in jail:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Booking Number
  • Jail Location

Find a bail agent in your area, and give them a call. They will walk you through the process. In most cases, you'll need to provide the bail bond fee, co-sign the bail bond, and provide any collateral necessary. Be careful when signing the paperwork - these are legally bonding documents, and need to be understood before you sign them. If you live out of state, many bail agents allow you to sign the paperwork online, making the process much easier.


Types of Bail

There are many different types of bail. To learn more about each one, give the jail a call to discuss options. Or, call a bail bondsman, who will be able to walk you through the process. Most bail agents have years of experience, and can provide insight and help into the entire process.

Your Right to Bail

The Eighth Amendment provides you with the right to fair bail. Thankfully, our criminal justice system is fair and allows people to get out of jail as they await a fair and speedy trial. If you need additional insight and help into how bail bonds work, visit our surety bond online website for more information, as it is regularly updated.